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Read more about the Programme

The International Advanced Studies Programme on Sport Safety and Security Management, developed and delivered by the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and SRH University Heidelberg, is an in-depth one-year course. It offers a thorough and focused education in the complex field of sport safety and security management. It has been specifically designed for professionals with relevant work experience pursuing to enhance their career opportunities, practical knowledge and competencies.

With the global and significant demand to ensure safety and security in sport, the higher education course is tailored to the needs of those responsible for and involved in sport safety and security management including federations, leagues, clubs, governmental institutions and the private security industry.

The International Advanced Studies Programme provides participants with the unique opportunity to learn about the latest effective, practical and theoretical approaches in sport safety and security management and to graduate as a Certified Sport Safety and Security Professional.

Small course sizes facilitate interaction among students as well as with professors and experts from relevant fields. As an internationally oriented and tailor-made programme, the International Advanced Studies Programme on Sport Safety and Security Management offers an innovative and effective educational approach that combines both academic and best-practice input.

As Certified Sport Safety and Security Professional, graduates gain extensive knowledge and relevant qualifications to plan, deliver and evaluate safe and secure sport events and competitions.

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Challenges for Sport Safety & Security

Through significant involvement in a range of major sporting events, the ICSS identified an international need in all fields of professional safety and security management in sport.

Indeed, the landscape of planning and delivering safe and secure sport events is shaped by a remarkable number of diverse and complex risks: The internationalisation of sport events reveals the problem of untested or deficient infrastructure, operational inexperience and insufficient training for responsible staff.

Furthermore, sport events underlie the dynamic impact of socio-political occurrences just as latest innovations in technology and media trends.

Last but not least, cost explosions and considerable financial burden related to event safety and security operations have increasingly heat up public disfavor with hosting sport events and competitions.

Resulting from the challenges and requirements those responsible for safe and secure sport competitions currently face and will face in the future, the ICSS is pleased to announce the launch of the International  Advanced Studies Programme on Sport Safety and Security Management. More than ever before, safety and security related risks for sport events must be counteracted with well-conceived planning and knowledge-based management.

About the ICSS


The International Centre for Sport Security is a unique organisation which aims to become a global hub of expertise. As a centre of excellence in safety, security and integrity, ICSS global partners and clients include key stakeholders such as event organisers, governments, bidding nations, infrastructure owners, sport associations, leagues and clubs.

The ICSS team brings together some of the world’s leading experts in sport security and integrity, whilst also having access to a worldwide network of specialist practitioners. Helmut Spahn, former Head of Security during the FIFA World Cup 2006 and at the DFB (German Football Association), is the ICSS Director General.

The ICSS core activities are anchored around four main pillars:

  • Safety and Security Advisory Services
  • Sport Integrity
  • Training
  • Research & Knowledge Gathering

As a non-profit organisation, the ICSS has no private or governmental interests and all profit gets re-invested into the core activities.

Vision: Secure, safe and clean sport
Mission: To improve security, safety and integrity in sport by addressing real issues and providing world-leading services, skills, networks and knowledge.

More information: www.theicss.org

About the SRH


Founded in 1969, the SRH University Heidelberg is one of the oldest and largest private universities in Germany. Today, the university’s educational portfolio includes more than 37 degree programmes from 6 major faculties. In addition to a considerable number of Bachelor and Master degrees, SRH University Heidelberg has been setting benchmarks in advanced education by providing part-time courses for professionals.

The educational success of SRH University Heidelberg is based upon its innovative learning approach: First of all, small study groups allow targeted mentoring and interaction between professors and students. Secondly, the university collaborates with a global business network to ensure that academic excellence meets practical insights. In the third place, the university’s international dedication allows students to gather intercultural competencies – either in Heidelberg or abroad.

Surrounded by a rich heritage of German history and culture, the SRH University Heidelberg provides state-of-the art equipment embedded in an appealing environment to cater for a range of learning requirements and social activities.

More information: www.hochschule-heidelberg.de/en

Quality Assurance

Both, the ICSS as governing organisation from sport as well as the SRH University Heidelberg as academic body, are ISO – certified.


The ICSS holds the following quality certificates:

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
  • Quality Management – Guidelines for Training ISO 10015:1999


The SRH University Heidelberg was re-certified in July 2013 for its higher education programmes and holds the following ISO – certificate:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008